Specialist Facial Treatments


Refreshing, uplifting, anti ageing facial. Supplying the skin with some of the highest concentrated vitamins such as A,C & E. Targeting mature and prematurely aging skin. Improving skin firmness and clairity.


Medicated, non irritating, cooling products used throughout treatments. a purfyifing facial specific to breakout,oily or congested skin. Helping to minimize breakouts and control oil & skin congestion.


Soothing and calming facial, reducing redness and inflammation, helping repair damage from enviromental aggressions.


Using various exfoliation techniques & vitamins throughout treatment to brighten dulling skin, pigmentation or tired skin.

1hr ...................... £30

All facial above are a guideline as to concern you may have with skin. With all facials we also analyse and face map to complete your treatment, to meet your skins needs.


Revitalising facial that includes a power cleanse, mask & mini massage. . 30mins .................£20



Rehydrating facial for thirsty skin

The ultimate in anti-ageing, this lavish facial is a must for de-hydrated or neglected skin and is designed to leave it looking radiant & fresh. Combining powerful anti-oxidants to help fight the ageing process and lost elasticity in the skin, this divine treatment includes our intense eye therapy and a special secret remedy to encourage deep hydration and eliminate fine lines.


A calming facial for sensitive or delicate skin

A totally luxurious facial packed with fresh ingredients along with multi - vitamin boosters that will leave the skin, body and mind, smoothed and soothed. This treatment is specially designed to reduce the effects of sun, stress or fatigue on the face.


A deeply cleansing & relaxing facial for oily, congested, blemished skin.

A professional deep cleanse that leaves your complexion feeling squeaky clean. Exfoliation and a deep cleansing mud mask, whilst you indulge in a soothing scalp massage. This facial is perfect for purifying oily skin, acne, blemishes and congested skin that needs a good clean out.

1hr .....................£30

All facial are bespoke prescribed to your skin. We will analyse and prepare products specifically for your skin type.


The Ultimate Anti Ageing facial

This deluxe treatment is just the thing if you are looking for a serious celebration for the skin, containing ingredients such as champagne, silk, diamonds, gold and of course black truffles. Highly unique elements include techniques to reveal fresher skin, a warm melting mask to help iron out the wrinkles, specialist lifting massage to strengthen and tone. Will leave your complexion glowing, more youthful and instantly radiant.

1hr 15mins ....................£38


Powerful lifting eye treatment

A special collagen eye mask treatment which concentrates on the repair of wrinkles and loss of skin tone around the eyes.



Using the very latest super sophisticated micro current technology, this treatment is designed to ease away fine lines and wrinkles, Lifts the forehead and eyebrow area, smooths crows feet , detox puffiness and dark circles leaving skin bright and refreshed.

30mins ..……….…….….£25


“ The perfect alternative to plastic surgery” Using the very latest super sophisticated micro—current technology, the combination system is specifically designed to raise the forehead & eyebrows. Smooth crows feet & wrinkles, tone & reduce sagging jaw line, Firms and support the neck & reduce formation of lines to the top lip area. An overall facial skin tightening treatment.

45mins ……………….......…..£45

12 Sessions …………………..£450(Saving £90)


Offer you the celebrities' favourite treatment...

Inspired by science: all Crystal Clear treatments are truly innovative, technologically advanced and most are clinically proven to rejuvenate and promote healthy, vibrant skin.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion:

A gentle way to bring your skin back to life.

Using ultra fine crystals to lift off the dead skin

cells, revealing a younger, refined skin. Great for

reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing scars

and pigmentation.

45mins             £35

Course of 12:   £350 (Saving £70)


Non refundable deposit of £100 with £250 payable over your 12 sessions.


CoolLifting Facial

What is Coolifting?

It is a revolutionary registered system that performs a radical facial treatment using a safe, fast and efficient method.

How does it work?

The Coolifting gun pushes into the facial tissues a powerful CO2 flow, at a very low temperature with a very high pressure, combined with a high concentration of atomized active ingredients.

How many sessions do I need?

Coolifting, in a single 4 minute session will improve the appearance and texture of the skin. The interval between future sessions will be personally advised by your specialist. 

What will I feel during and after the session?

  • he procedure is painless.
  • The application of the active ingredients, pressure and temperature are technically controlled and the process does not cause any discomfort.
  • No special care is required after the session.

Visible effects in just one session:

  • Intense hydrating
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Dermis regeneration
  • Improves skin texture and quality

Coolift Prices:

1 session £60.00

course of 6 £300.00 (saving £60)


Semi-permanent method of hair removal. Lasts approximately 4-6 weeks and results in a smooth finish and soft re-growth. Hair must be around 3/4 of a centimetre to enable them to be removed.

                                           Single           Course of 6

HALF LEG ………...…....£12               £60

3/4 LEG ......……….….....£15               £75

FULL LEG .....…………. £20               £100

FULL LEG &BIKINI .......£22              £110

BIKINI .......................from.£6.             £30

BRAZILLIAN ...................£18             £90

HOLLYWOOD .................£24             £120

UNDERARM .........…........£6.             £30

FULL ARM .………….….£12             £60

HALF ARM …..….….......£10             £50

LIP or CHIN ………….......£5.             £25

LIP &CHIN …………..…...£8             £40

EYEBROWS …………...... £6             £30


BACK & CHESTWAX .......£25



permanent root to tip colour, lasts approximately 6 weeks. Ideal for sensitive eyes, contact wearers and before holidays. ...........£8 


permanent colour to create more defined eyebrows. Ideal for those with fairer eyebrows or those which have lost their natural colour. ..........£5

COMBINED TREATMENT With Eyebrow wax                    ..........£17


Why Christian Eyebrow?

Christian Eyebrow is designed to be a product to rely upon. This superior clay-based powder adheres to the skin, not the brows, to give a 24 hour lasting power. Specially formulated to be sweat proof and water resistant you can trust your beautifully defined brows to remain in place no matter what you do.

Christian Eyebrow gives you the ability to emphasise your eyebrows in an easy, affordable and professional way. Pale and thin eyebrows can be transformed in seconds, instantly framing the face and opening the eyes. It allows you to shape eyebrows quickly and it is the perfect product to fit into any busy lifestyle and can be easily removed using make-up remover.

Healthier alternative to dyes and eyebrow tattoos

Christian Eyebrow can also be used to cover old scars and grey hairs in a way tints do not. The powder adheres to the skin and not the eyebrows themselves, which makes it the perfect product for those that have sparse areas, or have lost their brows to alopecia or chemotherapy.

Christian Eyebrow gives those suffering from hair loss a product that will work and remain in place for a fraction of the cost of having eyebrow tattoos. You also have the added benefit of being able to change the colour, tint and eyebrow shape as you want.

Our Range

With a choice of 8 colours each with different undertones, you will have your perfect match with Christian Eyebrow. All shades can be applied softly with a light hand, or built up for a darker finish. It is because of this unique asset that a lot of our shades will match a variety of skin tones and individual colourings.

Christian Eyebrow is retailed in a full individual kit which includes your chosen eyebrow powder, three stencils and a double-ended application brush.



The professional mixology of Henna to create a bespoke tailor made brow treatment.

Henna Brows contains no lead, ammonia or use of hydrogen peroxide. Henna is natural, Vegan friendly and is longer lasting than tint. The range has 7 colour variations allowing you to create tailor made bespoke colours for each and every individual.

Henna gives you the opportunity to create expressive eyebrows & camouflage gaps in over tweezed eyebrows or brows with sparse hair. 

⭐️You’ll be amazed at how it works on stubborn grey brows.

⭐️Henna will pick up all those tiny little hairs and will tint them,

⭐️It’s also ideal for re-pigmenting faded microblading.

⭐️Lasting results up to 6-7 weeks 

............... £25


Enhances your natural eyelashes, using individual eyelash extensions creating a glamorous look for that special occasion.

WEEKEND LASHES ...........£12  


Individual mink lashes which are applied in 30 - 45 minutes.They are perfect for a special occasion or holiday! These differ from the Semi-permanent Lash Extensions as they are dropped onto the natural lashes and can be layered up. Because of this it is very important that your Express Lashes are removed after 2-3 weeks by professionally.

£30.00 including free removal


Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lasting up to 8-12 weeks with regular maintenance. Lash Perfect eyelash extensions provide thickness and length to natural eyelashes thus enhancing the charm and appeal of your eyes. Lash Perfect eye lashes are very light and comfortable on the eyes. When applied professionally they do not damage the natural eyelash which can be the case with traditional self applied false eyelashes. Lashes will naturally darken your lashes as they will be fuller and more visible. When cared for and with regular maintenance, can last up to 12 weeks. To maintain the fullness of the lashes and to keep their perfect appearance, we do recommend that they are retouched every two to three weeks. Lash Perfect Ultimate adhesive is safe to use and effective, compliant with all EU regulations and granted an ISO number. Lashes are for professional application only and the application procedure is very comfortable and relaxing. Lash Perfect eyelash extensions can be removed at any time by a professional.

25 Lashes (natural look) ...........£40

Full Hollywood lash ............£80

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